Skipping Class

On Friday afternoon, Lacy and her friends decided they would skip their last two classes and hang out until it was time to go home. They had carefully forged notes from their parents, stating that they would be absent for the rest of the afternoon due to a church retreat.

Lacy had thought it was a foolproof plan. Her parents were out of town, and her teacher accepted the forged notes without question. Lacy and her two friends thought they were quite clever, and giggled at their naïve teacher.

When Lacy got home, her older brother Ryan was at the kitchen table. She greeted him casually, and lied coolly when he asked her how school was. Lacy headed to her room and dropped off her books. 

She returned to the kitchen and made herself a snack. Ryan eyed her from the table. 

“What?” Lacy asked as she sat down across from him. 

“I dropped by your school today to pick you up.” Ryan said. “And you weren’t there. Your teacher said you went to a church function with your friends.”

“Oh…I…we..” Lacy stuttered. 

“Don’t bother lying, Lacy. We both know there was no church event. You skipped school, and forged a note from Dad.” Ryan stood up and reached in his pocket. He pulled out the note she had forged.

Lacy’s eyes widened. Ryan looked mad. Would he rat her out? 

“Go to your room, Lacy.” Ryan ordered. “And bring the wooden spoon.” 

“What?!” Lacy fumed. No way was her brother going to spank her. Who did he think he was? Her dad? 

“You heard what I said.” Ryan said calmly. 

Lacy spun around and stalked for the front door. Ryan grabbed her arm before she got there. He pulled her down the hallway towards her room. Lacy struggled to free her arm, but then Ryan picked her up and carried her the rest of the way.

Lacy yelled and screamed at her brother as he turned her over his lap and started spanking her over her jeans. She struggled free and tore from the room. She ran to the bathroom and shut the door. 

She pulled out her phone and phoned her dad. When he picked up, she angrily told him that Ryan had tried to spank her. Instead of getting mad, her father simply asked “What for?” 

Lacy realized her mistake too late. Now she would certainly get a spanking when her dad got home. Lacy stuttered as she tried to respond. 

Her dad interrupted. “Lacy. I left your brother in charge of you for the week. If he thinks you need a spanking, then you go right back and bend over for a spanking. I don’t want to hear that you gave him any more trouble.” 


Lacy was dumbfounded. It wasn’t uncommon for her to get spanked in front of Ryan, but for him to spank her? A knock interrupted her thoughts. 

“You have five minutes to get a wooden spoon and meet me in your bedroom.” Ryan said sharply. 

Lacy was furious, but knew to do as she was told. She timidly went to the kitchen to get a wooden spoon, and trudged to her bedroom. 

Ryan was sitting on her bed waiting for her. Lacy glared at him and handed him the wooden spoon. 

“Pull down your jeans.” 

Lacy continued to glare but complied. She pulled her jeans down, revealing her blue panties. 

“Alright, bend over Lacy.” 

Lacy bent over Ryan’s lap, her face red with embarrassment. 

“Do you know why you’re getting a spanking?” Ryan asked. 

“Yes.” Lacy mumbled in reply. Ryan’s hand immediately met her bottom.



Ryan began spanking his sister hard and fast. He watched in fascination as her bum slowly turned pink. Lacy started to whimper as he continued spanking her. 




Ryan eased her panties down to reveal the rest of her red bottom. Lacy whimpered and reached back to cover her bare bum. Ryan grabbed her hand and pinned it against her back. 



Ryan spanked harder and faster. Lacy bucked and squealed. Before long she was sobbing from the hard smacks. Ryan grabbed the wooden spoon. Lacy sobbed loudly as she lay on his lap. 




Ryan brought the wooden spoon down on her bright red bum. He covered her whole backside with stinging smacks, occasionally smacking her thighs when she squirmed too much. 

Lacy sobbed and cried out for him to stop. Her naked bum was on fire. Her brother sure spanked hard. Tears streamed down her face as she dangled over his lap. 

Suddenly the smacks stopped. Lacy was bawling loudly. 

“In the corner.” Ryan commanded. 

Lacy slowly slid off his lap and waddled to the corner. She sniffled and hiccuped as she stood with her punished bum on display. Ryan lectured her on her disobedience as she stood in the corner. 

After half an hour of cornertime, Ryan brought Lacy a nightgown. 

“We’re going to have supper, and then it’s bedtime for you. And you know that you have to ask to get up, or you’ll get another spanking.” Ryan told Lacy. 

Lacy took her nightgown and nodded. This was routine every time she was spanked. Her nightgowns were short so that her red bum peeped out for the family to see, and so that if another spanking was earned, it would lift up when she bent over, revealing her bare bottom. 

Lacy ate dinner in silence. She was so embarrassed that Ryan had spanked her. On the bare bottom no less. She hoped it would never happen again. 


In Trouble Again—Daddy/Daughter

Sarah Livingston was certainly a handful when she was in her late teens. She was an outgoing and adventurous girl, but often got herself into trouble. Her father, Dale, was frequently away on business trips, but when he was around, he tried to be strict with his daughter. Unfortunately, Sarah didn’t care much to follow his rules. Continue reading In Trouble Again—Daddy/Daughter